Understand to be understood 

Discovery and Research

Our Discovery & Research services unlock an outside-in perspective, shaping your products and services with your customers so as to fit seamlessly into their world.

Discovery & Research

With a focus on gaining unique insight delivered in a practical, straightforward way our methods and approaches can provide and deliver a wide range of outputs and deliverables – depending on our clients need.

What you can expect:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Customer/User Research
  • Personas & Empathy mapping
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Feature prioritisation

Each of our research and discovery methods generates artefacts that we collate, analyse and present. Typically, the focus is on personas, research findings, customer requirements, and prioritised recommendations.

 Dave McRobbie 

Digital Strategist

Dave McRobbie, Digital Strategist

 A human-centred framework for user-centred experiences

 Effective Efficiency

Architecture and design to blueprint your way forwards.

 Effortless Experience 

Create and evolve user-centred solutions.

See the impact we’ve had for our clients



A series of user profiling workshops to uncover staff and volunteers’ future ways of working.


Compare The Market

Moderated and unmoderated user research to capture users’ emotional response to homepage designs.



An evidence-based approach to define the way forward for Education Training Foundation’s digital roadmap.

Join the brands we’ve resourced through usability testing

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