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Meet our team

We are researchers and designers committed to simplifying digital experiences by understanding real-world user behaviour and sharing with our clients an outside-in perspective.

Ali Carmichael

Founder & Managing Director

About Ali

Ali is a keen observer of the connection between brands and people. A proponent of a customer-first business world, Ali has worked in digital for over 20 years across Project & Account Management, UX, and as a business owner. Ali enjoys a pub lunch and camping with his family, but at home, he is mostly a climbing frame to his four young children.
UX Consultant Emma Peters

Emma Peters

UX Consultant

About Emma

Emma is naturally curious about why people do the things they do. Naturally, this led her to become a member of our research team. Educated to a Master’s level in Psychology, and a member of the British Psychological Society, Emma is always looking to improve her craft and learn more about the human mind. This means you will often catch Emma watching documentaries and reading in her spare time.
UX Consultant Amy Hunter

Amy Hunter

UX Consultant

About Amy

Having spent seven years working in market research across retail, travel and fashion, Amy brings her qualitative experience to improve the world for digital users. Amy is equally at home observing users exploring online services, delivering workshops, or immersed in analysis to reveal actionable insights. Outside work you’ll typically find Amy faffing with flowers or walking her beloved spaniel Pip on the beach.
Digital Strategist Dave McRobbie

Dave McRobbie

Digital Strategist

About Dave

Dave is a digital strategist focused on and understanding how digital is impacting the way humans think, create and connect. He believes experiences are well, experienced rather than re-defined, and designs digital environments that support both business and human objectives. He is a Trustee of a Mental Health charity and is completing a Masters in Philosophy with a focus on the influence of technology on individuals, wider society and culture.
Trainee UX Researcher

Sophie Corbin

Graphic Designer & Trainee Researcher

About Sophie

Sophie’s graphic design background is the source of her eye for detail and creativity. Combining her skills as a designer with her experience within the hospitality industry, she has a natural empathy for the end-user, fuelling her willingness to serve and create first-class customer experiences. Outside of work, you’ll find Sophie on family walks with their ‘Foxy’ dog, Roxy or indulging herself in a series.

Mel Moore

UX Researcher

About Mel

Mel is an accomplished UX professional with 20 years of business experience and an academic background in Psychology and HR. Driven by empathy, Mel is passionate about crafting inclusive experiences, simplifying complex information, and using data insights to tell engaging stories. Mel’s curiosity about people, culture and nature has led to intrepid travel adventures across more than 70 countries.

I love working in a team that genuinely care about what they do

Trainee UX Researcher Sophie Corbin, Trainee Researcher, Experience UX

Our core values

These are the five values that we hold central to everything we do. When you work with us, you can expect these values to shine through from the moment we first meet.

Refreshingly honest

We’ll be honest with you from the start. We see our role as telling it how it is, free from bias, independent from any agenda. Our ultimate aim is to help you see your product or service through the eyes of your users.

See the bigger picture

We’ll always seek to fully understand a problem before designing a solution. Every time we work on a project we want to know the business objective and the project team’s goals, as well as what the user needs.

Deliver great experiences

The world is full of design decisions that lack empathy or an understanding of what users need. For us, thinking about what users need when you’re creating something seems like such a simple thing. So our proposals, reports, wireframes and everything we create is designed to make life easier for the people who will use them.

Always improving

We’re constantly improving the way we do things. Our thirst for learning new methods, tools, and techniques means we’re always picking the best approach for the project. We believe that small incremental improvements lead to massive gains.

Make a difference

We have to believe our work will make a difference. Before we deliver a piece of work we always ask ourselves if we truly believe it will solve the problem, lead to business gains, and make a difference to your users. If we’re not sure, we’ll spend more of our own time working on the solution.

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