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User Research

As the world changes, behaviour changes. So lean in a bit more, question why, sit back and observe your customers as they interact with your brand, product, or service. Getting to know your customers, as people, is an untapped opportunity for most businesses, but one that continues to deliver a plethora of insights to those who do.

User research incorporates many methodologies including the below:

  • User Profiling
  • Usability Testing
  • Ethnographic Research
  • User Interviews
  • Diary Studies
  • Remote Research
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews

What sets us apart

Our focus on these core aspects throughout all of our research means that we never lose sight of the bigger picture:

Tailored User Tests

Throughout our user-centred design process, we work closely with your team to design an ongoing user research plan to fully explore which areas of your site you need help with. We’ll tease out all of those burning questions and help you to end internal debate. Each round of user research is carefully planned to fit into your ongoing development process.

Natural User Journeys

We design our research to allow you to see natural user behaviour at all times. We believe it’s essential to limit interruptions, and ensure our test scenarios encourage users to show us how they would normally use a site. We also make sure that we test the entire user journey, starting before they reach your site, looking at what they do during their visit, and where they go after they leave.

Competitor Evaluation

Your users will very rarely visit only one site to complete their goal. They shop around and visit multiple sites in one session. We believe that it’s essential to research your site alongside your competitors to get a true picture of the quality of your user experience. You’ll gain an understanding of your competitors’ UX successes and failures and we’ll design a seamless digital experience so your users will have no need to go anywhere else.

Multi-platform UX

We design and test your user experience across multiple platforms. A site that works well on desktop may offer a poor user experience on mobile and tablet. Our solution allows your team to observe users interacting with your site on all platforms as standard and delivers a final solution that works for users whatever device they’re using.

A great piece of work! I was really impressed with the research and your solutions were really insightful.

Jon Darch, Digital Manager, Farrow and Ball

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