Usability Testing 

Identify user frustrations to fast-track website & app success

If you are responsible for your digital channels, and feel there is a constant need to fix and enhance, you’re likely spending too much time staring at your data, juggling priorities, and trying to figure out what ideas will have the largest impact.

Usability testing offers live context and real human behviour that gets to the heart of any usability and experience issues.

Uncover The Why Behind The What

Uncover short-term fixes and long-term direction

Our independent consultants and researchers will guide you through the noise of data and opinions to user-led insights. Identify quick wins for today and clarity for tomorrow.

Clear a path to your digital goals

Gain confidence in your user interface by identifying barriers to your user’s goal. Review your user’s journey to complete their tasks. Remove pain points and increase your conversion rate.

Expect satisfied users and rewarding results

Reap the rewards of customer loyalty and strong brand sentiment. See the impact through performance-changing results. Unlock answers to your right way forward.

How Usability Testing Works

We understand how it feels to struggle with low engagement, poor conversion, and high abandonment rates. Metrics may show you the impact of the problem but will not identify the root cause. Experience your products and services through the eyes of your customer.

Our usability testing process removes the complexity and headaches of user research:

1. Planning

Your UX Consultant will guide your team through a planning workshop to discuss the research objectives and process.

2. Recruitment

We’ll source real participants from your target audience and create a test plan to achieve your objectives.

3. Testing

Our expert moderators will facilitate each usability session. Observe people using your digital products and services, in-person or virtually.

4. Reporting

You’ll receive a comprehensive written report and presentation of prioritised findings including video clips, recommendations, and next steps.

“Completing usability testing with Experience UX uncovered our website’s key problems; changes and content required for the new website”.

Katherine Starczewski, Senior Content Producer, Universities UKKatherine Starczewski, Senior Content Producer, Universities UK

Usability testing is an opportunity to sit down one on one with your customers and observe them using your website, app or software. See first-hand the struggles and barriers that hinder their experience. Gain understanding, clarity and confidence to design a better experience.

 Emma  Peters 

UX Consultant

UX Consultant Emma Peters

Join the brands we’ve resourced through usability testing

Usability Testing to Increase Conversion

Our focus on these core aspects throughout our research means that we never lose sight of the bigger picture:

Throughout our research process, we work closely with your team to design an ongoing usability testing plan to fully explore which areas of your site you need help with. Each round of user research is carefully planned to fit into your ongoing development cycle.

Our usability testing allows you to observe natural user behaviour. Our research moderators will ensure users are encouraged to show us how they would naturally use a digital interface. We consider the entire user journey; starting before they reach your product or service, observing what they do during their visit, and where they go after they leave.

Your users spend more time on competitor sites than they do with yours. They shop around and visit multiple sites in one session. It’s important to research your website alongside your competitors to get a true picture of the quality of your user experience. You’ll gain an understanding of your competitors’ UX successes and failures, and we’ll provide you with a benchmark score detailing key areas for improvement.

A website that works well on desktop may offer a poor user experience on mobile and tablet. Our usability testing approach allows your team to observe users interacting with your site on all platforms as standard and delivers a final solution that works for users whatever device they’re using.

Regular usability testing is an essential practice when making iterative changes to your products and services. We’ll work within your development cycle to test and validate prototypes, designs and decisions. Quick to turn around, our fast and agile usability testing service will ensure a user-centred evolution of your website, app or software. Contact us to discuss how a bespoke programme of agile testing will suit your budget and deadlines.

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