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User Testing – from curiosity to luxury to necessity

I read an article the other day about a guy called Frederic Tudor who after travelling to West Indies, saw the great opportunity to fill a gap in the market. For years living in New England, enjoying the benefits of…

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The new BBC News App – good or bad user experience?


Last Wednesday saw the launch of the new BBC News App for mobile devices and tablets. The BBC promised it will be a “great experience”, however the reviews in the App store are less than positive with an average rating…

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Microsoft’s HoloLens – the exciting future of user experience design

You’re going to be seeing a lot of talk about Holograms from now on. That holodeck from Star Trek is finally here and is part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 release. And there is a lot of excitement about it on…

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The beginning of the end for the Hamburger icon?

In a very short space of time the Hamburger menu became a convention for mobile navigation. But it was a convention that didn’t have the support of many of the UX community and the signs suggest that it’s time may…

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9 questions to ask your usability testing supplier

Choosing a supplier you like and trust can take a lot of time and effort. Especially when a lot of potential suppliers all seem to say the same things. With the wealth of UX agencies in the digital industry, it…

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How Fat Face increased ecommerce sales by 39%

Fat Face have recently hit the headlines declaring a 39% increase in ecommerce sales, following the relaunch of their website. We were intrigued to find out what had changed to trigger such an increase in sales, so we carried out…

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5 beautifully designed ecommerce sites that entice shoppers to buy

The temptation for many ecommerce websites is to simply follow convention by creating a site using a familiar design approach. Whilst we certainly wouldn’t advocate throwing away a tried and trusted ecommerce formula, we wanted to share some examples of…

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The Power of Perceived Usability – Why Good Graphic Design is Essential


Attend any business development or marketing seminar and you’ll hear the term ‘perception is reality’. This refers to the general principle that what the customer perceives about your business, website, product, etc., is effectively what it is. No matter how…

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5 of the best new UX presentations on Slideshare

In the past couple of months we’ve found ourselves so wrapped up in office moves and project work that we’ve not managed to attend any UX events. So in an attempt to stay up to date, we’ve been keeping an…

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Trust, focus & upsell – 3 UX lessons from online florists


Recently I read a really interesting article on how airlines are looking to other industries like retail, automotive, and hospitality in an attempt to improve the passenger experience.  About time too! Looking at other industries is good practice It’s a…

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