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UX Architecture

Throughout this crucial planning stage we stay focussed on reaching your goals while making life stress free for your users.  Our aim is to make information easy to understand and interact with, so we focus on the underlying structure, grouping, and labelling.  We validate with user testing and continually refine until the system allows your customers to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Card Sorting

We involve end users wherever possible throughout all our work. When it comes to designing and organising information, we rely heavily upon user research. We use card sorting to gain insight from users into how they would organise the content into groups that feel logical to them.

Taxonomy & Information Labelling

We make information easy to understand and interact with. Our approach focuses on the underlying structure, grouping, and labelling in order to build a system that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Navigation Testing (tree testing)

Once we have an information or navigation structure, we’ll validate it with users. We’ll ask them to engage in a variety of tasks to assess findability. How quickly they can find what they are looking for, how many steps they take, and if they get lost en-route. Once we have our findings we’ll refine our architecture further.

User Journey Mapping and Wireframing

To ensure we have covered every user and accommodated their needs, we’ll engage in a thorough process of mapping every point in the user journey. Every time a user engages with a decision to act, we plot out every step of their engagement with the site. This process is critical in building the most efficient pathways through to reaching their goal.

I have no hesitation in recommending Experience UX, they have helped us massively over the last few years.

Justin Amphlett, User Experience Manager, Wiggle

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