How to improve your ecommerce basket – usability insights from top 20 retailers
by Damian Rees, Founder & UX Director

How to improve your ecommerce basket – usability insights from top 20 retailers


Learn how to improve your basket with our comprehensive user experience review of the top 20 ecommerce sites this Christmas.

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What we did

Before we started, we reviewed all our previous usability testing reports for our ecommerce clients and listed all the core elements that make up a good and bad basket experience. From the hundreds of hours of usability testing with online shoppers, we generated a list of 50 core elements that make a great basket user experience.

Once we had our 50 criteria, we broke them down into specific parts of the user journey, from adding the item to the basket to assessing the trust and confidence in placing an order with that retailer. We identified 8 core stages of the basket process:

1. Adding to basket
2. Basket page design
3. Editing basket contents
4. Pricing & payment
5. Trust & confidence
6. Saving for later
7. Delivery & collection
8. Navigating from the basket

The full report details each stage of the process, the usability criteria we used in the scoring system, and who were the best and worst performers

basket usability scores

Our full report details the individual scores for each retailer, providing a full breakdown of how each basket scored.

argos scores

Download our report now and get:

  • Scores for each retailer with a breakdown of how they performed on each element of good basket usability
  • Insight into what makes a great basket user experience
  • An understanding of which retailers perform best overall and within the specific usability categories

Get your Free Christmas Basket Usability Report

The report takes you through the scores for each retailer, the methodology, and the insight you need to improve your basket


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