User Experience Research

Our UX Research solution helps UX teams overcome internal politics

UX research will make your life easier

Imagine walking into a meeting knowing everyone in the room is in agreement on what needs to change and why. No more lengthy debates, no more guessing. That’s exactly what you get from our UX research.

Save time & money

What if you only worked on things that users really need? If you could ensure that everything you worked on would make the user experience so much better. That’s where we come in.

Happy users = Happy CEOs

When users interact with websites they find pleasurable to use they spend more, tell their friends, and keep returning for more. We can help you find the gaps in their current experience.

Faster decision making

What if you could quickly and easily filter all those ideas from your team and your bosses into a simple short-list? We’ll provide you with a prioritised action plan based on evidence from user research.

United team focused on users

What if your team were fully behind every decision? If you could energise and ignite their passion for users you would spend less time convincing and more time improving.

Our UX research contains four key elements

 Our tried and tested research approach provides you with user evidence from independent, specialist UX researchers. There’s nothing more powerful in taming internal politics.

Tailored User Tests

At the start of all our projects we run a planning workshop to identify which users to recruit for the research and what areas of the site to focus on. Our team will work closely with your UX team to design a user test to fully explore the areas of your site you need help with. We’ll tease out all of those burning questions and help you to end internal debate.

Tailored User Tests

Natural User Journeys

We design our tests to allow you to see natural user behaviour at all times. We believe that it’s essential to limit interruptions, and ensure our test scenarios encourage users to show us how they would normally use a site. We also make sure that we test the entire user journey from before your site, during, and after they leave.

Competitor Evaluation

Your users very rarely visit only one site to complete their goal. They shop around and visit multiple sites in one session. We believe that it’s essential to test your site alongside your competitors to see a true picture of your user experience. You’ll also get a comprehensive understanding of your competitors’ UX successes and failures.


Multi-platform UX

All of our UX tests ensure we test your user experience across multiple platforms.  A site that works well on desktop may offer a poor user experience on mobile and tablet. Our solution allows your team to observe users interacting with your site on all platforms as standard.

You might be in one of these situations

We typically work with UX teams looking for external user testing. Whilst they face many different challenges, they are typically in one of these four situations.

About to launch

You’re about to go live but you’d like to make sure there are no nasty surprises post launch. You’re looking to test your site with users to make sure the user experience works.

Reacting to feedback or stats

Your site isn’t performing how you had hoped. Your conversion rates are down, your bounce rates are high, or you’re hearing negative feedback about the site. You want to investigate further and find our what the issue is and why it is happening.

Planning a new site

You’re planning a new website, app, or update and you want to start by focusing on what users really need. You are looking to validate the ideas you have and ensure the project successfully engages with users.

Need evidence to support a theory

You have some known issues with the site but you need evidence before you can raise funds or resources to tackle the problem. You want to test your theories with users to gather evidence for an internal business case.

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