Rethinking UX: A must have ebook
by Damian Rees, Founder & UX Director

Rethinking UX: A must have ebook

Rethinking UX: A must have ebook

At the beginning of the year we wrote an article on improving your website usability tests for Smashing Magazine. So we were delighted when we found out they wanted to include our article in their new ebook ‘Rethinking UX’. The book is packed full of advice from the top thinkers and leaders in the industry and provides practical UX advice based on personal experiences of the experts.

What’s great about the book is it gets you to stop and think about your own methods and practices and how these could be improved. By hearing insights into how other companies and experts do things it can enable you to reflect on how you might be able to enhance what you are already doing.

Rethinking UX includes articles on user experience design, designing for the multifaceted user, how empathy can help innovation and looks at some of the challenges new technologies such as Google Glass and Leap Motion could bring.

If you want a taster of the ebook then read our article over on Smashing Magazine – but we’d highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Rethinking UX as there are some fantastic pieces of advice and insights in the book; you won’t be disappointed.


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