From complex problems come beautiful solutions.

UI Design

Our approach is grounded in solving user problems first and foremost.  Each interaction must lead users closer to their goals (and yours). We never design anything that hasn’t had a foundation of user research to fully understand the goal users are trying to reach, or the problem the business is trying to solve.  Then the design not only comes naturally but it’s intuitive. Win win.

Interaction Design

How users interact at every click of their journey should be carefully designed. We focus carefully on what users need from every step, taking into account their motivation, and their emotional state to design an interaction that flows just like a good conversation.

Designing for Emotion

We work hard to understand the emotional impact of a users’ interaction with a company. We are careful to design experiences that evoke the right emotion for the situation.  We want to make sure users feel satisfied after completing an insurance application, excited to have booked a weekend retreat, or reassured after purchasing that important gift for a loved one.

Rapid Prototyping

We turn our ideas into prototypes wherever possible. We then test them with users throughout our design process and iterate based on their feedback. By the time we complete the prototyping phase the project team are entirely confident that the solution will be a successful one.

Visual Design

Our designers work on final design once we’re confident that the logic and flow of the interactions work. The visual design and brand experience is put in place and tested as part of the prototyping phase. We work closely with the project team to accurately reflect the brand experience to make a desirable and appealing user journey at every stage of the process.

Absolutely awesome – a truly great piece of work! There were so many tangible things we used to improve the app.

Steve Pinches, Group Product Manager, Financial Times

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