Introducing Experience UX

Common Challenges

We regularly notice that our clients in the education sector have the following  challenges managing their digital estate.

Website Not Performing

You might be finding that enquiries or enrolments are low or from the wrong audience.

Or your analytics suggest you have a good volume of traffic but it isn’t creating the level of engagement that is expected.

Guessing at solutions

There are lots of ideas, but everything you try fails to ‘move the needle’ enough.

You have already improved content, added more links, and even invested time and money into video production, but you are still not seeing results.

Overwhelmed by complexity

Your have multiple websites and they’re misaligned, but you’re unsure where to start making improvements.

Deciding on the most impactful course of action is a challenge, especially with so many stakeholders to satisfy.

About Experience UX

We create greater Usability & Experience for the digital world.

We are a dedicated team of researchers and designers who are naturally curious, considered in our work, and conscientious in our delivery.

Since 2007, Experience UX has been dedicated to website and software usability and experience design. Our research-based approach prioritises understanding customers, their behaviour, and designing around real-world people-centred interactions and needs.

This focuses our work always on the digital front-end operation of an organisation, where people engage with digital products and services. The technology behind the interface might be highly complex, but the user interface can always provide an intuitive and delightful experience.

Ali and the Experience UX team at their office in Bournemouth. UK.

Ali Carmichael, Founder, Experience UX

What our customers say…

“Experience UX have answered questions we didn’t know to ask, and provided us with a strong foundation.”

Ian Jones, Bournemouth University

Let’s Chat

If you’re experiencing similar challenges to those discussed above, or you want to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.

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