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About Experience UX

We’re a team of human behavioural experts, committed to eradicating bad design and poor customer experience. We love working with forward-thinking companies to solve their user experience challenges and push boundaries. We empower our clients with actionable insights from our award-winning user research process. We believe that delivering meaningful interactions with customers leads to long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

Meet our passionate team

I love working in a team that genuinely care about what they do

Jenny Lewis, UX Consultant, Experience UX

The Experience UX Team

Approachable, informed and inspirational. Team EUX are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about experience design, find out a little more about each team member.

Ali Carmichael

Ali Carmichael

Founder & Managing Director

Ali is Founder and Managing Director who has fostered a career in the Digital Industry since 1999, across Sales, Project Management, and UX. Responsible for leading our client services team and building long term relationships with our customers, Ali can also be found with Damian shaping our business strategy and direction. A passionate champion of the user, he enjoys learning about how other businesses function and how we can help them perform better; at home, he is a climbing frame to four (yes, 4!) beautiful, energetic children.

The work I do every day makes a difference to our clients and their customers. When I go home I feel that I truly did something meaningful and important.

Laura Yarrow, UX Consultant, Experience UX

Our core values

These are the five values that we hold central to everything we do. When you work with us, you can expect these values to shine through from the moment we first meet.

Refreshingly honest

We’ll be honest with you from the start. We see our role as telling it how it is, free from bias, independent from any agenda. Our ultimate aim is to help you see your product or service through the eyes of your users.

See the bigger picture

We’ll always seek to fully understand a problem before designing a solution. Every time we work on a project we want to know the business objective and the project team’s goals, as well as what the user needs.

Deliver great experiences

The world is full of design decisions that lack empathy or an understanding of what users need. For us, thinking about what users need when you’re creating something seems like such a simple thing. So our proposals, reports, wireframes and everything we create is designed to make life easier for the people who will use them.

Always improving

We’re constantly improving the way we do things. Our thirst for learning new methods, tools, and techniques means we’re always picking the best approach for the project. We believe that small incremental improvements lead to massive gains.

Make a difference

We have to believe our work will make a difference. Before we deliver a piece of work we always ask ourselves if we truly believe it will solve the problem, lead to business gains, and make a difference to your users. If we’re not sure, we’ll spend more of our own time working on the solution.

Neil - Experience UX

Let’s Chat

We’re passionate about UX and are happy to help, whether you’re a client or not. If you’ve got a challenging UX issue or simply want a friendly steer in the right direction, get in touch with Neil and make his day:

01202 293652 neilyoung@experienceux.co.uk