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Augmented reality – good experience or gimmick?

Tesco recently released details of a new feature to their online offering. This feature allows users to view a product in 3D, using augmented reality, as if they are holding it in their hands. Sounds great huh? The objective here…

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It’s easy to blame stupid users for poor design


Having started as Junior User Experience Researcher at Experience Solutions, I have been introduced to the world of user experience. As I come from a predominantly graphic design and retail background, I thought it was safe to say that I…

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Are purchase decisions harder when shopping online?


A long time ago, I could go into a sports shop, look along the line of trainers, pick one I liked that was the right size, colour and price, pay for it and go. Recently, inspired by a growing waistline…

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Does web-retargeting benefit or just scare users?


Retargeting example – See larger image As part of a casual query, I once typed in my car registration into a certain site that offers to purchase absolutely any vehicle. Scoffing at their derisory offer for my motor, I went…

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Does my iPad look big in this? How gadgets will shape the future of online retail

It is fair to say that the Web has changed shopping in some major ways over the years. From the initial rush to provide bricks and mortar stores with a wider profile and client base, to the monsters of Amazon…

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Where to advertise ‘Free Delivery’ on your eCommerce website

A recent report from the Royal Mail reports that 82% of online shoppers said that free delivery would encourage their use of a website. This makes sense, but before you rush out and start advertising ‘Free Delivery’ all over your…

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ShopStyle iPhone App Usability Review


Nicole Cook from ShopStyle recently approached us for a review of their iPhone app. Following previous user feedback they made enhancements to the app, so we thought this was a great opportunity to kick off some more regular reviews of…

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Weekly usability checklist

For many in the retail industry a regular shop walkthrough is an essential part of the manager’s role to ensure the environment is clean, the products are in the right places, and the shelves are stocked. Do you do the…

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Rigid process can hamper customer experience


One of our major supermarkets does a great pizza, which they make for you whilst you wait. I must say, they do taste good. If you order your pizza at the beginning of your shop, ten minutes later when you’ve…

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5 reasons to improve your website customer experience during a downturn

We’ve been trying not to talk too much about the ‘credit crunch’ on our blog because quite frankly we’re sick of hearing about it in the headlines every day. But, if it’s something our clients are worried about, we felt…

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