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Any experience consists of a collection of moments; a symphony of highs and lows.  Our proven design method takes a strategic approach to experience design and focuses on user-centred Research, Architecture and Design. It shows us where to sprinkle the magic and where to streamline. The result is a carefully researched, evaluated and executed plan that spares you development time, costs and headache.

UX Research

We believe that the foundation of any project should be laid early with a thorough understanding of users and their needs. We utilise a variety of online and face to face research techniques to uncover user needs throughout every step of their journey.

UX Architecture

We make information easy to understand and interact with. Our approach focuses on the underlying structure, grouping, and labelling in order to build a system that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for.

UI Design

Design is all about solving user problems. We never design anything that hasn’t had a foundation of user research to fully understand the goal users are trying to reach, or the problem the business is trying to solve.

“Since going live we have seen an 89% increase in conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores went through the roof”.

David Oliver - LV=David Oliver, LV, User Experience Manager

The type of challenges we love to solve

Chatbots & Conversational UI

Everyone’s talking about Chat. Should you offer your customers a new way to interact and which tools offer the best experience?

Experience Design

We’re designing experiences that go beyond digital. The boundaries between online and offline are blurred, but the customer experience must remain seamless.

Lean UX & Innovation

If you’re already using agile we can help you integrate a user centred approach, spend less time on development and ultimately, get it right first time.

Voice Interaction

It looks like Alexa & Co are here to stay.  What’s their place in your business? Find out if you could utilise AI to enhance your UX and improve results.

User Centered Culture

We know how to create you a unique user-centred culture that creates positive organisational change, unites your team and builds a truly effective business.


Find out how using game mechanics can motivate your customers to keep coming back and even enhance the adoption of a new service.

This is just a sample of the themes we’re currently supporting our clients with. If you have any burning questions or challenges, we’d love to help.

Neil - Experience UX

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We’re passionate about UX and are happy to help, whether you’re a client or not. If you’ve got a challenging UX issue or simply want a friendly steer in the right direction, get in touch with Neil and make his day:

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