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4 tips to increase conversions by improving your navigation and drop down menus


Choosing the right navigation can be a minefield. Before you know it you’ve accidentally stuffed every single option into one gigantic menu, overwhelmed your visitors and deterred them from purchasing from your site. A mega drop down menu has become…

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Stop waiting for the perfect time to run usability tests

  “Perfectionism is the enemy of progress”. This is a quote I’ve found to be very true throughout my life. Whenever I hear it or read it, I remember to stop trying to do everything perfectly and focus on getting…

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5 ways charities can quickly improve online donations

A report recently published provides an overview of charitable giving in the UK. It says that charity donations are down by 20% since the previous year. The report suggests that the overall number of people donating fell as well as…

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5 Essential UX Questions to Ask at a Project Kick-off Meeting

Focusing on users at the very beginning of a project sets a solid user-centred foundation for a project. It can be difficult to remain focused on users when technical reasons, business aims, project objectives all combine to kick off a…

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Insight from usability testing – how to get more online donations

When usability testing charity websites we see the same user need being unfulfilled time and again. Before making a decision to donate, volunteer, or fundraise for you, users need to know where the money goes. They’ve heard about charities eating…

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