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12 tips for hosting usability testing sessions at your office

If you want an easy life, let your usability testing agency host the usability sessions at their labs. They’ll organise everything, so you just need to turn up when you want, munch on some biscuits, and drink too much coffee….

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5 ways to increase online donations – Free eBook

We have put together a free ebook to help non-profit organisations increase online donations. Having spent over 100 hours studying users performing usability tests on non-profit websites, we have a wealth of useful insights to share. This guide outlines small…

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The 6 ways improved online conversions

Appliances Online, or, as they are now known, have recently listed their shares on the London Stock Exchange and reached a staggering company value of almost £1.6bn.     How has this business, that was virtually unheard of a…

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5 alternatives to CAPTCHA that won’t baffle or frustrate users

5 alternatives to CAPTCHA that won’t baffle or frustrate users


We spend several hours every week conducting usability tests on a variety of different websites. In our research we often see people struggle with CAPTCHA, the anti-spam solution designed to differentiate between a human and a spambot. It’s easy to…

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21 things we like about the new M&S website


We noticed yesterday that the new Marks & Spencer website redesign went live. Here’s a quick summary of the changes we felt were most interesting. More research would be needed for us to give a thorough UX opinion but our first thoughts…

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14 leading insurance providers’ quote processes and what you can learn from them


According to Insurance Business Online, last year 69% of insurance policies* were acquired online, yet we see many users struggling with the usability of quotation processes in usability testing. Insurance companies still neglect the quotation and application process on their…

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Stop waiting for the perfect time to run usability tests

  “Perfectionism is the enemy of progress”. This is a quote I’ve found to be very true throughout my life. Whenever I hear it or read it, I remember to stop trying to do everything perfectly and focus on getting…

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3 useful UX lessons you can learn from

If you live in the UK, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid The Olympics at the moment. One of the main talking points, certainly for Londoners is the traffic nightmare expected to jam the roads, underground, buses and trains. In…

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Telegraph redesign is more user centred

As a keen photographer I love looking at images. I have a variety of sources to feed my need for regular photography inspiration: Flickr, 500px, twitter, blogs and so on. One of my favourite sources of inspiration is seeing the…

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The after-sales anti-complaints process

It’s a well known fact that us Brits hate to complain. Instead, we like to keep quiet, seethe internally, and then vote with our feet and never use the service again. But there are occasions where you know you need…

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