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4 things UX leaders can do to overcome internal politics


Negotiating the treacherous terrain of internal politics can be a lonely and weary task.  Are you struggling to get your ideas past the bosses, committees, budget holders, and decision makers? Are those critical UX improvements you want to make lacking…

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Mobilegeddon – 4 UX Questions you must answer before rolling out a new mobile site

  If you work in digital I think it’s a safe bet that you will attend a meeting or have a conversation about ‘Mobilegeddon’ in the next couple of weeks. So while everyone is enthusiastically arguing their point of view,…

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Is this common UX fail ruining your online form conversions?

Nearly every insurance quote form requires users to enter their job title. If your form is one of these, chances are that it’s causing users an issue and ultimately turning their experience a little sour. We’ve observed hundreds of participants struggle with…

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The new BBC News App – good or bad user experience?


Last Wednesday saw the launch of the new BBC News App for mobile devices and tablets. The BBC promised it will be a “great experience”, however the reviews in the App store are less than positive with an average rating…

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12 tips for hosting usability testing sessions at your office

If you want an easy life, let your usability testing agency host the usability sessions at their labs. They’ll organise everything, so you just need to turn up when you want, munch on some biscuits, and drink too much coffee….

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How Fat Face increased ecommerce sales by 39%

Fat Face have recently hit the headlines declaring a 39% increase in ecommerce sales, following the relaunch of their website. We were intrigued to find out what had changed to trigger such an increase in sales, so we carried out…

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Lunchtime Learning – UX is not just design, it’s the key to innovation and growth

Jesse James Garrett (@jjg) is interviewed by Brian Solis (@briansolis) about the evolution of UX and its role in the future of business. Jesse believes there is a great opportunity to bring product teams and customer care teams together, by…

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Lunchtime Learning – What is Interaction Design?


The second in our series of inspirational lunchtime learning videos is a great introduction to interaction design by Microsoft Design (@microsoftdesign). It explores how some thought leaders in the industry see interaction design and the future possibilities.

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5 of the best new UX presentations on Slideshare

In the past couple of months we’ve found ourselves so wrapped up in office moves and project work that we’ve not managed to attend any UX events. So in an attempt to stay up to date, we’ve been keeping an…

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Interactive Ecommerce Videos: Good UX or Gimmick?


When customers are comparing different products, we often find that product pages with videos give people more confidence in their purchase. It’s no surprise to see online retailers try to integrate more videos into their sites. In an attempt to…

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