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Is this common UX fail ruining your online form conversions?

Nearly every insurance quote form requires users to enter their job title. If your form is one of these, chances are that it’s causing users an issue and ultimately turning their experience a little sour. We’ve observed hundreds of participants struggle with…

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User Testing – from curiosity to luxury to necessity

I read an article the other day about a guy called Frederic Tudor who after travelling to West Indies, saw the great opportunity to fill a gap in the market. For years living in New England, enjoying the benefits of…

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12 tips for hosting usability testing sessions at your office

If you want an easy life, let your usability testing agency host the usability sessions at their labs. They’ll organise everything, so you just need to turn up when you want, munch on some biscuits, and drink too much coffee….

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9 questions to ask your usability testing supplier

Choosing a supplier you like and trust can take a lot of time and effort. Especially when a lot of potential suppliers all seem to say the same things. With the wealth of UX agencies in the digital industry, it…

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5 ways to increase online donations – Free eBook

We have put together a free ebook to help non-profit organisations increase online donations. Having spent over 100 hours studying users performing usability tests on non-profit websites, we have a wealth of useful insights to share. This guide outlines small…

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3 ways to stop driving customers crazy with online quote forms

a n i. Y. via photopin cc Stop driving your customers crazy by forcing them to fill in endless forms before they’ve had a chance to decide what they need. As a financial services provider, if you are doing this…

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Stop waiting for the perfect time to run usability tests

  “Perfectionism is the enemy of progress”. This is a quote I’ve found to be very true throughout my life. Whenever I hear it or read it, I remember to stop trying to do everything perfectly and focus on getting…

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Insight from usability testing – how to get more online donations

When usability testing charity websites we see the same user need being unfulfilled time and again. Before making a decision to donate, volunteer, or fundraise for you, users need to know where the money goes. They’ve heard about charities eating…

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Playtesting – why you should user test designs early and often

This is a fantastic video from Penny-Arcade about the virtues of testing concepts and designs early and often with users. The video is aimed at games designers but applies to any designer and translates particularly well to web designers. It’s…

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Loop 11 – Our Review

What is it? Loop11 is an online, remote usability testing tool. In simple terms Loop 11 allows you to create an online survey that includes tasks for users to complete on a website of your choice. You have the ability…

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