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Lunchtime learning – The Architecture of Understanding

The team at Experience Solutions are partial to a lunchtime learning session to share ideas and discuss the latest trends in UX. We thought we’d share some of the videos we’ve been watching to inspire you during your lunch hour….

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10 great user experience blogs


Finding sources of inspiration and new perspectives on user experience keeps us fresh and motivated. There are plenty of people who are passionate about designing good experiences for users. Here’s a round up of the most notable blogs we’ve stumbled…

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Online security questions. Is there an easy answer?


To survive the day to day dangers of using the Internet I use a range of passwords, user names, and email addresses, all created to make my online world more secure. And, like most people we observe in user testing,…

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How to do quick and effective user profiling

Your website can attract a wide variety of visitors. Trying to appeal to them all can be troublesome and the results can leave you with more unhappy customers than happy ones. When user profiling, there are two very distinct ways…

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The three disciplines of User Experience (UX)


We’ve spoken to three different companies in the past couple of weeks who are all recruiting a ‘UX practitioner’.  Yet when we asked what they were looking  for, we found that each of them is looking for a different role….

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