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Does my iPad look big in this? How gadgets will shape the future of online retail

It is fair to say that the Web has changed shopping in some major ways over the years. From the initial rush to provide bricks and mortar stores with a wider profile and client base, to the monsters of Amazon…

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The future of user experience design when your computer “sees” you?

In 2006, the face of video gaming changed when Nintendo introduced its Wii console. This allowed the machine to sense the player’s input as they moved the controller around. Suddenly, players could jump, wave, bat, swordfight and perform many other…

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Design your website on what users do, not what they say

  When our clients observe usability tests we are careful to encourage them not to focus too much on what users say and instead look at what they do. On many occasions users will tell us that they liked a…

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Where to advertise ‘Free Delivery’ on your eCommerce website

A recent report from the Royal Mail reports that 82% of online shoppers said that free delivery would encourage their use of a website. This makes sense, but before you rush out and start advertising ‘Free Delivery’ all over your…

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Designing fun into everyday interactions

We’ve all had days where things get on top of us. We’ve not been sleeping well, we’ve had an argument with someone we care about, and our football team has just lost (or been kicked out of the World Cup!!)….

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